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Hijri Calendar

الأربعاء 4 صفر 1442
Wednesday Safar 4 1442
Wednesday September 23 2020

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Apart from Salat (prayer) with Jamaat, classes of Fiqh (Dars-Hawza) are held daily (Monday to Friday). Having permission from Norwegian Authorities TIC provides help & guidance in social matters like marriage & divorce. In case of funeral arrangements special help is provided. We reply the queries (also after office hours) concerning Islamic issues (Masa’il-e-Shariya), via post, phone, fax, e-mail etc. The library of TIC is open daily, which has a large number of books in different languages. Momeneen can borrow these books free of charge.



Every Tuesday night Dua-e-Tawassul is arranged collectively, in which all the Momeneen take part. Every Thursday night Dua-e-Kumail & Ziarat Warisa is arranged collectively. Sala’at-ul-Juma’ is held every Friday regularly, in which mosque Imam, delivers his speech (Khutba) in Arabic, Norwegian, Urdu and Persian. If needed also in English. 



Majalis & Milad are held in Urdu, Arabic and Persian, to commemorate the days of birth and martyrdom of Ahlulbayt (as), at different times & days. Every month we publishes and distributes its programme schedule in beginning of every month.



Some of the major programmes held every year are: in the holy month of Ramadhan. We publish and distribute the timetable of Sahr & Iftar and other special Dua’s, among all momneen. Special meetings for the recitation of Holy Quran, Darse-Fiqh and ethics take place every day during Ramadhan. A'amal Laylatul Qadr are performed collectively at the mosque, which remains open whole night.

During Hajj season special services are available for the pilgrims, like to organize Hajj groups, provide material regarding Hajj rituals in different languages such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu, etc. Every year Salat ul Eid is held in the bigger hall in the mosque with place for men, women and children. 

In the month of Muharram Majalis are held in three different languages i.e. Arabic, Norwegian, and Urdu. Every year we invite different Ulama’s from different parts of the world to address with these Majalis. Mosque also arranges special programmes on other important dates & events.

Every year, TIC publishes an Islamic Calander, which is updated in accordance to Norwegian observatory. Prayer timings are also updated every year. In this regard, Momeneen living in other cities in Norway also benefit from our services.


Youth group

The youth group in the mosque is resposible for all the youth activities, and all Norwegian programs and seminars. 


Women group

The mosque has established a women's group to undertake certain woman activities while participating in all public activities.


Imam Jawad (as) School

All teaching is under Imam Jawad (as) school. Please read more here.


Ladies group
Common program
No events


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