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Hijri Calendar

الأربعاء 4 صفر 1442
Wednesday Safar 4 1442
Wednesday September 23 2020

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Imam Jawad (as) School

Imam Jawad (as) School is divided into three diferrent sections; Arabic, Urdu and Norwegian. 


Arabic section

On every Sunday classes of the holy Quran and the fundamentals of Islam for Arabic speaking children & youths are held in Imam Jawad (a.s.) Islamic School. On every Monday evening classes are held for Arabic speaking sisters, in which they learn to recite Holy Quran, Fiqh and ethics. Every weekdays from Monday to Friday classes are held in Arabic to teach subject such as aqaid, fiqu, Quran etc. 


Urdu section

For Urdu speaking children & youths of Imam Jawad (a.s.) Islamic School, classes are held on every Sunday. On every Sunday special classes are also held for Urdu speaking brothers & sisters, in which they learn to recite Holy Quran, Fiqueh and ethics. 


Norwegian section

Every Sunday special classes are held for youth group in Norwegian. Earlier on the same day some of the youth people teach children in Norwegian in subject like history, akhlaq, Quran and aqaid.


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